Announcing PixGather

Posted on 10/27/12
PixGather Logo

I was at a wedding recently and saw tons of people taking pictures with their smartphones. Being engaged, I immediately thought about how great it would be to gather everyone's smartphone photos from my wedding in one central place; essentially crowdsourcing the photographer. This spurred the idea for my latest contrib module: PixGather. PixGather is a module that allows people with smartphones (Android or iOS) to easily upload photos to your site. The smartphone app also allows you to view the photos that other folks are uploading to the site, creating your own little Drupalized instagram. The module is configurable; you can decide what type of entity gets created when you upload a photo, and you can select the exact image field to be populated by the new photo. It also leverages rules, so you can decide exactly what actions occur when someone uploads a new photo.

I encourage you to check it out! I could definitely use some help to improve both the module and the app. The source code for smartphone app comes with the module, so feel free to post patches or remix the code for your own photo upload use case.


10/27/12 7:18 pm

It could be great to open source the android,ios phonegap app for others to learn how drupal and phonegap work together

10/27/12 11:10 pm

I would request as well to release android and iphone app as opensource so that it helps to understand how the entire thing works. thank you for the wonderful work.

10/28/12 1:36 am

The android app source code is included in the module in a folder called android_app. I encourage you to check it out. I'll include the iPhone source in the next release, but its basically the same HTML / JavaScript / CSS in an iOs PhoneGap shell.

10/28/12 4:01 am

Wow, GREAT work! I would definitely want this on my wedding (or every party! :)

10/28/12 4:20 am

Google+ Events does something very similar. Check it out.

10/28/12 1:55 pm

Sure...there's a lot of services that do exactly this...but I wanted to make sure the Drupal community had a solution.

10/28/12 5:37 am

This is a fantastic concept Mike. Great work getting the iOS and Android apps online.

I have helped organise a couple of music events and collating the photos afterwards has always proved to be a difficult exercise. The first year we asked people to add them to a flickr group, I would say that less than 1% did this - still got a lot of photos but most people's not shared. The next year we asked people to share them on Facebook or Twitter. This was a lot more successful but it's hard to pull most of these into the site (Storify does do a good job with Twitter, but Facebook's privacy settings make this really hard for Facebook which most people use).

Needing to install an app to contribute photos might still be a big barrier for the general public, the instructions would have to be promoted heavily in the run up to the event in order to see good adoption rates. I think your approach would work particularly well with a small team of people, e.g. event organisers, who could all get photos on the site that way.

I would second Ben's comment. I built a website for my wife's church and used organic groups to build a mission trip section which included user built galleries. Like Ben I used a flickr group for smart phone pictures as I could find nothing else. I did a php routine to get it from Flickr to my site. My experience parallels Ben's - few used it after I pulled out what little hair I have left to get it to work. What we needed was a module like this one with a connecting android and iphone app. Thanks for your work on this one

I am sooo going to test this out. My best buddy is going to marry next year and asked for exactly such an solution.

Really good job, i love it ! I'm gonna install this rigth now on my iphone for the next wedding. Thanks

Thank you for this, my iPhone still working after the change ;)

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