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Screencasting for the Masses

Posted on 12/27/12
The Module Off

I've read The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 cover to cover, I've read through countless docblocks of code comments, and through endless blog posts here on the Drupal Planet. All of these text-based learning materials have been absolutely essential to me continuing to grow as a Drupalist. That being said, I've also found that the screencast medium has immense power to engage me and to present new information and techniques with extraordinary clarity.

Announcing PixGather

Posted on 10/27/12
PixGather Logo

I was at a wedding recently and saw tons of people taking pictures with their smartphones. Being engaged, I immediately thought about how great it would be to gather everyone's smartphone photos from my wedding in one central place; essentially crowdsourcing the photographer. This spurred the idea for my latest contrib module: PixGather. PixGather is a module that allows people with smartphones (Android or iOS) to easily upload photos to your site.

CTools Modal Windows - Part I

Posted on 09/20/12
Sample Modal Window

At work, I've become the 'modal guy,' and it's true. If you're doing modals, I am your guy. In building my first big contrib module, Report Builder, I grew pretty acquainted with the CTools framework for modal windows / forms. It's complicated stuff, but it's super powerful. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of good documentation / tutorials out there for creating CTools modals. There's a sample module that comes with the module, but the examples are pretty confusing.


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